ok im tired of the bullshit


wheres the queen mosquito?? if i beat her ass all the other ones die right?? how many health bars does she have?

i’m literally considering climbing onto the roof to watch Gintama because the 3G is so weak

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There’s a documentary on an even older documentary on Nazi Germany and the most interesting thing about it so far is the spelling “soon in your neighborhood theatres”
American spelling in the 1930s

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A page is taking forever to load on this train’s shitty wireless
I stare at the ceiling
The lonely little screen on the ceiling comes to life for the first time in four hours
A green screen, then a logo
“Take advantage of our free Wi-fi”

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This is a Tuesday afternoon train I thought it’d be a leisurely journey fdfnkl

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Laughing about it with her
They are also being very sexual and suggestive with each other and the lady’s done fallen asleep and I can see her bits from under her miniskirt I don’t want to see them oh god
Please let them go upstairs soon please

Laughing about it with her
They are also being very sexual and suggestive with each other and the lady’s done fallen asleep and I can see her bits from under her miniskirt I don’t want to see them oh god
Please let them go upstairs soon please

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im on the train and there’s a very loud and drunk and giggly middle-aged couple who refuse to walk upstairs to their own seats because it’s upstairs and now the man’s telling racist jokes
aaaand now he’s talking about offering lollipops to underage boys

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I try and take Hellblazer seriously you know but then I also remember that four-headed football hooligan neo-nazi demon that was a particularly delightful baddie 

The Damnation Army's leader, the demon Nergal, makes himself known as he mutilates and murders four skinheads called The British Boys to create the ultimate assassination device.

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I normally wouldn’t post this on my art blog, but I am outraged. I had big hopes for NBC’s Constantine. Like make room on the drawing table because I need to draw 100 more trenchcoats hopes. Supernatural-themed shows, movies, and comics are my absolute passion. I am an [insert show of your choice] fan because I am a Hellblazer fan. 

But more than that, I am a queer fan. And John Constantine is a queer character. It’s one thing to grow up without seeing LGBTQIA characters in my favorite shows and movies, let alone see them represented with dignity and respect. But it’s quite another thing to find that a canonically queer character you love has been straightwashed, and that is what NBC is doing with Constantine.

There is no justification good enough for why this character can’t be bisexual. We need to tell NBC that we want John Constantine’s bisexuality to be recognized.

If you want to contact the show, you can reach their Twitter [@NBCConstantine​ ] or email them directly [and select Constantine under “Questions not found on FAQ page”].

NBC, please DO NOT take this queer character away from us.

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NBC is straight-washing Constantine



I’m not normally one to be a rabble-rouser, particularly on the internet.

But I really think the fandom forces of tumblr should collectively spam NBC about Constantine, and recent disclosure that they are straight-washing his character. (He’s canonically bisexual in the comics)

If there is one thing fandom can collectively agree upon, there aren’t enough queer people in mainstream media. NBC is making an adaptation with an ALREADY QUEER CHARACTER, and making him straight. Bisexual men are a particularly under-represented demographic, and this is frankly the height of fucked up.

The good thing is, fandom can perhaps nip this problem in the bud. Although the show has been officially picked up by NBC, it is still very much in development. If we — the active fans of the world — collectively threaten to boycott before the show airs in October, we might have a good chance of forcing a creative shift.

So get in touch with NBC and make a complaint.


Twitter: @NBC || @NBCConstantine

Email Message: (under “Questions not found on FAQ page about NBC Entertainment”)

And please reblog this post. Spread the word. If anything is worthy of fandoms collective ire and criticism, it is this.

Welp. Also WOW read the link because that is a ridiculously offensive rationale. “Maybe in 20 years or so?”

Also do you like how character’s sexualities are magically never that important to the character when the character happens to be queer

These headphones weren’t designed to go fully over the ear but I’m wearing them that way anyway because my ears are ridiculously tiny and fit inside

The drawback is that they’re still new and fit quite snug and tight so I can’t wear them for prolonged sessions of, well, listening

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I got back from Kuopio yesterday and I’m going to Oulu tomorrow. Well, Ii actually but Up North in the wilderness.

I’m taking the tablet with me but this time with a keyboard and a cable to connect it to a camera.

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Back at Animecon some fifteen-year-old arseholes were sticking Misha Collins face stickers to places

  • No stickers please this isn’t a fucking youth club this is a respectable music hall and you’re just guests
  • You’re not the one who has to fucking scrub them off the toilet walls
  • Mishapocalypse is old and a horrible concept anyway
  • They were big stickers like the size of your palm why would you even
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I’ve also got things like Guy-ru-ru and Oh! Enka here

Actually I’ve got like 200MB of Naruto music

I also just found three OVAs I never knew I’d downloaded

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ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS because I love it and it’s been bothering me for about eight years now

The track’s just called Neji and it’s got Naruto things in it but I can’t write the lyrics to Google them and it seems a bit obscure anyway

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