I found the book but I still haven’t found the Jumps where the fuck can I lose those how even

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And in other news, my mother called and asked if I’d seen a historical novel she’s lost somewhere in the flat

That one’s got like a thousand pages too

This place eats books up

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Anybody remember what I’ve done with my Jump? I had two or three monthly Jumps from 2006 and I sort of want to hold onto them for nostalgia value. Also one of them had the first Naruto and Sasuke reunion in the Shippuuden era. That’s Of Importance.

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Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int — Jeesus pelastaa

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This isn’t Animal Crossing you morons

This isn’t Animal Crossing you morons

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I love puns and references and jokes even if they have to be explained to me and I love explaining puns and references

I love puns ok I really really

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There’s an announcer who’s called Hanano Saki, which means ‘tip of the nose’, and she’s introduced as announcer Hanano, ‘hanano ana’, which means nostril

And a couple of dozen episodes back there was another announcer called Kaki Kukeko


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It’s two in the morning and doujin sites beckon

I’M GONNA HAVE THAT I need to see it to believe it

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For All Those Confused About Sims 2 for Free


  2. The File is 13GB (roughly) and is EVERY Expansion and Stuff Pack made for »the Sims 2«
  3. This is only available through the month of July i believe, so act fast! [need source]

Step One: Log into your Origin Client [If you don’t have one, make one and download/install origin]


Step Two: Go to the “My Games Tab” of the origin client


Step Three: Up top, click “Origin” and click “Add Game” and a “Redeem Product Code” choice will come up, click that


Step Four: Enter I-LOVE-THE-SIMS < with dashes


Step Five: Click Next and Install the Sims 2! After the 13gb file is complete, you will have the Ultimate Sims 2 Collection for free! Thanks EA! 


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I immediately went to the cupboard to fish out some miso and soba because fuck potatoes I’ve had enough

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Whenever I call my gran she asks me when I’m coming to visit. I sort of dread calling her because I have to have a date for her to wait for, otherwise she’ll keep nagging about it. When I’m here she keeps telling me how happy she is that I’m here to help around. About a week before I leave she starts saying she already misses me even if I haven’t left yet and won’t for days.
My grandparents are really lovely but very trying.

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I kicked a frog by accident and now I feel bad

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