frvx replied to your post: “Instagram works fine on the app but the website is a mishmash of…”:
Can I ask for your instagram username, or is it a private thing?


Entirely untagged artsy pictures of architecture, flowers, statues and stickers on lampposts

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This topic proposal brought to you by three hours of distressed mewling and sarcastic fart noises

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Hey, a topic has popped up:

Horror difficult to approach — use of language and estrangement in Lovecraft’s short fiction

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I need to write a 200-word research topic proposal for a 2,500-word essay and I have nothing at all like not a clue and I did not enjoy the story in the slightest and I have zero interest in looking at it any closer

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I’ve got to think up a research area for an essay on Lovecraft’s Rats in the Walls and all the thoughts I have so far are 

  • unreliable narrator — any clues earlier in the text?
  • Yellow Wallpaper???
  • lots of adjectives
  • the horror of pagan gods
  • the cat’s name is N*gger-Man
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Instagram works fine on the app but the website is a mishmash of Finnish and English and I don’t know why

ETA Chrome was in Finnish well it bloody won’t be any more I’ve had enough of this

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I haven’t posted a selfie in a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated

shhhit shit there’s a google drive document for signing up to groups in the course and I applied to a group

I saw earlier that “last edit made by anonymous 20 minutes ago”

Do you know what it probably says now

my embarrassing animu YouTube username from 2006

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follow for more. not sure what but there will be more of it.

I promised to teach a friend maths and suddenly I remember that I don’t really know much maths anymore


"Here you go have calculator"

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I almost fainted today but luckily i was visiting someone and not outside or anything
I havent had that sort of vertigo without a physical cause before and its still here after two hours so its a bit scary
At least i know the new meds are doing something if not anything useful

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Unicode characters dont show up on mobile and phone emoticons dont how up on the computer

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The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for calories consumed and calories burned. 

While this may be useful for those looking to monitor their fitness, it could be triggering and harmful to those suffering with or in recovery from eating disorders, especially in sufferers with obsessive compulsive tendencies they find it very hard to abstain from, such as calorie counting, body measuring and weighing.

Whilst of course the app cannot force you to use it, it cannot be deleted, so will be present within your apps and can be a source of feelings of temptation to record numbers and of guilt and judgement for not using the app.

If you personally feel you could not emotionally handle the presence of this app,  and it would be detrimental to your recovery, please do not download IOS8. I do not know if a new IOS can be avoided permanently (if anyone has any information on this please do add it to the post), but if it cannot then please use the time you have to prepare yourself for the app, and to reinforce reminders that you do not have to calorie count, you do not have to weigh yourself, you do not owe proof of exercise to anyone, person or app.

"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

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Värttinä — Lasetus

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