hey i know i have a lot of ASD friends for whom autoplay is a really awful thing so here is a really nice option, stay safe friends

I’ve gotten party and guild invites both irl and in-game and i’m still scared of accepting any because how is social gaming how does it work do you talk what do you talk about what if I’m shite when does a party disband why do all the guilds want active players wha t the fuck is games i don’t

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Seuraavan hahmon puen vihreään ja annan nimeksi Hernekeitto

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tattipoika asked: hei mil servul pelaatte !! e-ei sil et kiinnostais tulla pelaamaan pitkäst aikaa gw2 tai nii ;__;

Öhh tuota oota unohin


Aurora Glade se on

Hankin pelin vasta viikko sitten en osaa mitään tipun kallioilta ja kuolen ja juoksen öttiäisiä pakoon enkä puhu juuri kellekään

Pirun nätti se on tykkään

Hienot juonet

Loin jo neljännen hahmon koska kaikkea pitää kokeilla

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Beta fell off a cliff when we were getting a Vista

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Life update: I got into the good course groups with the nice and doable study subjects 

My left hand hurts because of Chopin and my right hand hurts because of Guild Wars 2 so all in all I’m quite content

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OK so the first Yoshiwara arc was called Yoshiwara Is Burning but it didn’t actually burn did it so in this second Yoshiwara arc Yoshiwara actually is burning but they called it the Red Spider arc after the main evil and his tattoo

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goluboj replied to your post: “Yesterday it was Night of the Arts and I danced and walked my feet…”:
A fly flew into my mouth this just in

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Yesterday it was Night of the Arts and I danced and walked my feet sore and we had dumplings and listened to jazz and opera and salsa outside in the night it was Fun

See what I did there I put danced in front of walked so it would seem like I danced more than walked but actually no I danced for like ten minutes and then walked about ten kilometres

I got to see a choir doing a flashmob in a bookstore too that was glorious

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First meeting with new psychiatrist and psychologist in ten minutes and I can see them passing papers around and having a serious discussion i am very very nervous

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I’m gonna buy Guild Wars 2 when I get home it’s on sale for twenty euros and I’ve heard and seen Good Things

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Oh my god how many Dragon Quest references can they squeeze into one plot arc

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Spent fifteen minutes in the shower trying to remind myself that soap is not in fact spelled soup even though it is pronounced /soʊp/

I was going to make this exact text post like a week ago

Beat you to it

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